Cody: Family Time



The following was written by Cody’s mother, Tami:

Cody is a sweet, kind-hearted 3-year-old boy. When Cody was born, we were surprised to learn he had Down syndrome. As first time parents of the first special needs child in our family, we didn’t know what to expect or where to turn.

When Cody was born, he required an extended stay in the hospital, longer than expected. As a result, his dad lost his job. We were financially burdened, and I had to go back to work within six weeks of his birth. Cody needed extensive therapies up to three times a week, and we made the tough decision: that his dad should stay home full-time and ensure his proper care. Our life was very stressful. We squeezed in family time when we could, but mostly just tried to get by and care for our son.

Over the next two years, we struggled financially on one income, so dad went back to work at a second-shift position. This limited our family time even further, while we still struggled with bills. Cody was often strapped on my back as I taught art at schools part-time. We lived paycheck-to-paycheck, and couldn’t afford a sitter. We were also very hesitant with most sitters because Cody is, developmentally, not where a typical child is at 3-years-old.

We are so lucky to have found Broadscope. Not only are we able to pay for Cody’s respite care, but they had a pool of qualified caregivers. Because of Broadscope, I am able to attend a monthly support group for special needs moms, and dad and I are finally able to have a few date nights. Our quality of life has really changed. We are able to balance the routine of having a child with special needs by knowing our son is well taken care of.

Thanks so much Broadscope!