Darold: Long Road



Darold, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, was very excited about the idea of getting his ears pierced, but in Wisconsin that required a valid state ID card, which he did not have. After working with his Broadscope Community Support Coordinator they discovered he would need a copy of his birth certificate in order to apply for a state ID. For many of us, this would seem like a simple task – grab your birth certificate from wherever you keep it stored, go down and ask for an ID. Unfortunately for Darold, who moved around in foster homes as a child and was eventually adopted in 1973, finding his birth certificate would prove to be a very difficult task. No one in his small support network had a copy, so he worked with his Broadscope staff person to fill out the online forms and apply for a new certificate from the state of Wisconsin. His Community Support Coordinator walked him through the online process, which required the names of both parents, and they submitted the form. However, because they were unable to supply his mother’s maiden name, Darold was denied a copy of his birth certificate. After many hours of research, Darold and his Support Coordinator were able to find some information on his father and what they believed to be his mother’s name. Unfortunately, when they submitted this information to the Wisconsin Vital Records Office, they were told the information was still incorrect. While they could tell Darold and his Support Coordinator that the information was incorrect, they couldn’t yet give them the information they needed to complete the form. The next step was to contact the Social Security Department. Through Social Security, they were able to get the name of Darold’s adopted mother. Even though this still wasn’t the name listed on his birth certificate, the Wisconsin Vital Records Office was able to use this information to release the maiden name of his mother. Darold and the Broadscope staff member were able to complete the online form again, with all the correct information, and finally were able to receive a copy of his birth certificate. Unfortunately, because this process took almost six months to complete, Darold did not receive his ID until the middle of November, so he was unable to vote in the 2016 presidential election, as he had hoped to do. However, he is still looking forward to getting his ears pierced and enjoying the warmer summer months.