David: Reunited


David with his grandchildren at their first Christmas together, 2013. Each grandchild proudly displays the toys received from their grandfather.

David: Reunited

David is a client of the Independent Living Program with Broadscope Disability Services. He has mental health issues and a traumatic brain injury that makes it difficult to make financial, medical, and life decisions. In 2010, David was put in contact with Broadscope for help with his finances, but it was soon realized his need was beyond just financial assistance, he needed a guardian.

Due to David’s disabilities, he had become estranged from his family. After assisting and working with David for many years, Broadscope’s Community Support Coordinator decided to reach out to his family to ask if they would be willing to take on guardianship. His family was eager to help, but never knew how to begin to provide this support. Broadscope made the important connection and provided guidance to reunite David with his family, and supported the process of finding him adequate housing and care.

With the support of Broadscope, David was able to move into a group home to be closer to his family, and in 2013, spent his very first Christmas with his 5 grandchildren. David is thriving with his new support network and recently welcomed his 6th grandchild, baby Peter. The effort of Broadscope’s Independent Living Program has allowed a better quality of life for David and his family.