Jennifer & Dave: Homeowners



When they were initially approached with the opportunity to buy their own home, Jennifer and Dave didn’t believe it was a real possibility. Both clients in the Employment and Independent Living programs at Broadscope, Jennifer and Dave worked hard, but were often victims of circumstances outside of their control. In 2016, Jennifer and Dave learned the City of Milwaukee was going to foreclose on their long term rental property, and they were forced in to another living situation that wasn’t a good fit for the couple.

Broadscope staff members were having trouble finding a new rental property that would be a good fit for Jennifer and Dave while allowing them to stay close to their places of employment, so they started researching other options. One of those options was an organization in Madison called Movin’ Out that provides a range of housing solutions to adults with disabilities and to families that include children with disabilities. Through this program Jennifer and Dave were able to complete a homebuyer counseling program and secure over $30,000 in grant funding for first-time, low-income homeowners with a disability.

Our staff was able to connect Jennifer and Dave with Eric Kucifer, a RE/MAX Market Place realtor, who went above and beyond to find the couple a perfect home and secure the sale. Eric even went so far as to buy the couple their very own microwave, after they were disappointed the small appliances weren’t included in the sale of the home. Buying your first home is confusing and overwhelming, and can be even more-so when you have a disability. But Jennifer and Dave were very determined and persistent. They worked tirelessly to acquire all the necessary documentation during the process and to finalize the sale, and were always willing to do whatever it takes to secure their first home purchase.

“This is going to be a new life for us,” Jennifer exclaimed after receiving the keys to their new home. Dave echoed her feelings saying, “This is a dream come true.”

The couple continues to work hard, and all though they don’t have much in terms of home furnishings, they are excited to start making those purchases to transform their new house in to a home.