Jennifer: The Value of Independence


Unfortunately, Jennifer has experienced a few setbacks this year, including the return of a brain tumor, which forced her to take a leave of absence from work in order to recover. Broadscope’s Community Support Coordinator who had been working with Jennifer, was able to be there for her through the entire process. She was able to make sure Jennifer had someone there to walk her through complicated medical paperwork, sit with her before and after the surgery, and make sure she understood how to take care of herself once she was sent home.

Jennifer has been recovering so well, that she will soon be heading back to work – ahead of schedule! She hopes to slowly build up her hours until she get back to working 5 days a week.


From the beginning, Jennifer’s life has been a little different. She was born with brain tumors, and after a few surgeries, was left with learning disabilities and a cognitive delay. She wasn’t sure what to expect out of life. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to have a job or take care of herself, and didn’t want people to take advantage of her because of her disabilities.

A few years ago, Jennifer was connected with Broadscope Disability Services to help her find a job and learn to support herself independently. She immediately connected with the staff and Broadscope helped Jennifer structure her life through both the Employment Service program and Independent Living program. She focused on getting a job, and Broadscope coached her through professional dress and communication training. For 3 years now, Jennifer has been working at Xperience Fitness — keeping the locker rooms clean and maintaining the equipment. She works five mornings a week and has recently been asked if she wants to increase her hours.

Through the Independent Living program, she was able to find an apartment, learn how to pay her bills and overall just feel responsible for her own life. She generally enjoys her new found freedom and her favorite part of having her own place is the peace and quiet. Broadscope would like to congratulate Jennifer on all of her hard work achieving her goals and gaining her independence!