Jensene: Future Inventor



When Jensene lost his mother a few years ago, he and his 2 siblings were adopted by their grandmother, Marisol, and had to move fromPuerto Rico to Milwaukee to start a new life. This transition would be difficult for any family, especially with a child with special needs.

Jensene, who has a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes a severe intellectual disability, must be monitored at all times. He often doesn’t recognize dangers around him, and becomes frustrated and agitated when he is out of the house for long periods of time. In addition, Marisol has her own medical needs, requiring attention.

To relieve the family’s constant stress, Broadscope’s staff is able to provide respite funding for Jensene, Broadscope enables families to choose and train their own trusted caregivers, allowing Nellianne, Jensene’s aunt, the opportunity to care for him and relieve Marisol’s stress of managing the household.

“Broadscope has been excellent,” Marisol said. “When I call with questions or concerns, they are always there to help.”

Jensene will be starting High School next year, and is excited about learning and creating in class. He loves working on gadgets, and hopes to be an inventor someday.