Joy: Hard Work & Perseverance



Adapting to change can be a challenging task. For Joy, a consumer in Broadscope’s Employment Services program, changes in her work environment posed some significant challenges to overcome. By working closely with her Broadscope employment coach and her job site management team, she was able to build her skill set and persevere rather than let change get the best of her.

Joy has been working with Broadscope for over a decade and recently celebrated her 7th anniversary at her job site. Throughout the years, Joy has endured many work challenges, including changes in supervisors, fluctuations in schedule, and added job expectations.

“I really enjoy coming to work,” Joy said. “It gives me something to look forward to every week.”

Recently, Joy’s schedule needed to be reduced to one day per week, which was frustrating. But by working closely with her Broadscope job coach, she has improved her customer service skills, participated in additional job training, and learned to work proactively with her supervisor and co-workers. Because of her dedication, Joy has been able to increase her work hours to three days a week, and her supervisors have made numerous comments about her positive attitude and quality of work.

“Joy does a great job for us,” her supervisor said. “We are always happy with her contributions to the team and our customers.”

When she’s not busy at work, she also enjoys being social and participating in fun activities with her coworkers and friends. She plans to keep working for many years to come, improving her job skills and gaining new abilities every day.