Kari: Like Sisters



Families need respite care for many different reasons, and those reasons often fluctuate over the years, but having an organization like Broadscope Disability Services that they can trust is often the biggest reason families stay with our program.

Kari and her parents have been working with the Broadscope Respite program for almost 40 years, and they are extremely grateful for the freedom this program provides. “Broadscope has been a godsend for so many years,” Judi, Kari’s mom, expressed. “They allow us to hire caregivers we trust, which gives us the opportunity to have needed time away.” Respite care allows Judi to continue her work in community theater while she knows Kari is being cared for by someone who knows her needs. Jill, the family respite provider, has been working with Kari on a weekly basis for over 10 years. “At this point they’re almost like sisters,” Judi said. “Kari truly enjoys her time with Jill and her other caregivers.”

Kari was born with a mixture of physical and developmental disabilities, but that hasn’t stopped her from developing a strong personality and great sense of humor. During the day she participates in a program with Community Care, but in the evenings she is usually spending time reading with her parents or her trusted caregivers. “It’s good for us because we need that time away to distress,” Judi said, “but it is also good for Kari because she enjoys spending time with people other than her parents.” In the future, Judi hopes funding will be increased for the program so they can afford to pay their care givers what she feels they deserve. “In order to attract the caring and motivated people you can trust, you need to be able to pay them what they are worth, and right now, unfortunately we aren’t able to do that.”