Kimberly: Five Year Anniversary



As most people know, finding a job that you truly love can be one of the greatest gifts. Kimberly, a client of Broadscope’s Employment Services program, knows this feeling first hand. Kimberly is 28 years old and living with Down syndrome. Growing up, she always had a love for clothes, fashion and creativity. In high school, she was able to go to Boston Store once a week with her class to help unpack new shipments of clothes and she really loved the experience.

After graduating high school, Kimberly desired to build her job skills. Her parents began working with her and DVR to build up her communication and skill set. While at DVR, another parent referred Kimberly to Broadscope’s Employment Services team to keep building on her skills and help her find a job that would be the right fit for her.

The Employment Service Specialists at Broadscope were able to connect Kimberly with Marshalls Department Store. They assisted Kimberly in skills training and helped her acquire the job of unpacking boxes one day a week. The managers and staff are truly supportive of Kimberly and her job growth. Kimberly has been working regularly at the Marshalls store in West Allis and, in October 2015, just celebrated her five year anniversary! She has proved to be an asset to the team and her hours increased to two days a week. Kimberly loves the opportunity to try new tasks, including attaching security tags to the clothes, which she really enjoys. Congratulations Kimberly!