Lisa & Myron: Managing the Day-to-Day


Managing the Day-to-Day

Lisa is a parent and non-stop caregiver to her five-year-old son with special needs, Myron.  Myron has Autism, and is non-verbal with a neurological malformation. He has had difficulty in a daycare setting because he needs constant supervision and care. There is no daycare for children with special needs like Myron in Racine County, and Lisa’s days are spent caring for Myron’s needs while striving to maintain all other household and basic daily demands.

Lisa’s doctor voiced concern over her elevated stress levels, and recommended that she explore options for in-home respite services. Lisa found Broadscope Disability Services Respite Care Program. Through Respite, Lisa receives 80 hours of respite each year from a respite care worker of her choice. She uses respite for an hour or two at a time to relax and decompress, and run errands. Because Myron’s Autism makes it difficult to manage errands with him, Respite allows for her to go alone while another person cares for Myron. Because she receives respite through Broadscope Disability Services, not only does she receive an essential, stress-reducing break from 24/7 caregiving to her son, she is also able to compensate a trusted caregiver.