Marvin: I Love My Job!



I love my job!” Marvin can often be heard exclaiming to friends.

Marvin, who was born with a cognitive delay, has been working with the Broadscope Employment team for over 15 years. When he started his job with Marquette University in 2001, it was only thought to be temporary.

For the first few months, Marvin worked with a Broadscope Employment services coach to perform each job duty as expected, and required 100% supervision. Still, Marvin worked hard. With the help and understanding of a supportive employer in Marquette, he was able to progress and increase his understanding of job expectations. As the Broadscope staff worked with him on learning job tasks, proper communication and etiquette, developing a work ethic, and maintaining a regular schedule, he earned trust and gained additional tasks with his daily responsibilities on the job. Marvin is now self-sufficient at work, and only requires check-in meetings with Broadscope staff to maintain his quality performance.

In November 2016, Marvin was honored by the university president at an employee banquet as he celebrated his 15-year anniversary. When Marvin was called on stage to receive his award, he was met with an enormous round of applause from his fellow employees who are grateful to have him as an integral part of their team.

Marvin’s supervisor describes him as a “key piece of the work culture”, and hopes to be there with him when he celebrates his 20-year anniversary and beyond.