Peter: The Joy of Retirement



For some people, being compared to the post office may not seem like a great compliment, but for Peter, it means everything. Peter is a client in the Broadscope Employment program and he stands as a shining example of what a person can accomplish if they receive a little job coaching. Peter has been a part of the Employment program since the mid-80s and has been working in the community for over 30 years. Most recently, he worked full-time at Goodwill in West Allis for over 14 years. “Peter will ride his bike in sun, rain or snow,” Dan, the store manager for Goodwill said. “Just like the postal service only even more reliable, and he always arrives with a smile.”

Peter had been called “unemployable” by another agency before he started working with the job coaches at Broadscope. Once given some assistance, however, Peter grew to become a model employee. “Peter’s dedication has impressed me as well as every other employee and customer that visit our store,” Dan said. When Peter celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Goodwill he was given a steel alloy pocket watch, which Dan had personally engraved. After 14 years of service, Peter has decided it’s time for him to retire and a party was thrown for him earlier this month. Everyone there, including family, co-workers, and Broadscope staff, celebrated Peter’s accomplishments and wished him well on future endeavors.