Roger: 20 Years of Support



Roger has never let his Cerebral Palsy slow him down, but when he came to Broadscope years ago for assistance with his finances, our support staff knew he could benefit from more services as well. He started working with both the
Employment and Independent Living programs. Roger joined an advocacy group that afforded him the opportunity to work on his self-confidence and public speaking skills, while learning how to tell his own story to promote disability rights.

Roger worked with staff to find a job that was perfect for him – working in the UWM library. Shelving books in the campus library was the ideal opportunity, and although Roger had transportation, it was a long commute to get to campus. He worked with his Support Coordinator to find an apartment on the East Side that not only offered a much shorter drive, but allows him to participate in on-site social activities with other residents, which he really enjoys.

Roger has been working with his support coordinator for almost 20 years. “It’s been amazing to watch him grow over the years,” she commented. “He’s improved so much, but what’s really great, even at his age, is that he’s still interested in learning new things every day.” Roger has since retired from his library job, but still works with Broadscope regularly to maintain his independent, active and social lifestyle.

He continues to volunteer weekly at the downtown Milwaukee library where he assists the staff with various research projects. When he’s not busy volunteering, he also speaks both locally and nationally as an advocate for disability rights.