Roosevelt: Safety & Freedom


Safety & Freedom

Roosevelt was referred to Broadscope’s Independent Living Program from Adult Protective Services. Initially, he was referred to Broadscope for Representative Payee Services, but it soon became evident that he needed so much more.

What was most troubling to his Community Support Coordinator was that Roosevelt’s living situation was neither healthy nor safe – he was living in a high crime neighborhood with a drug house next door, and the doors to his apartment didn’t lock properly. He actually kept a baseball bat nearby his bed because he was afraid someone might break in.

A series of strokes had left him paralyzed on the left side of his body, and unable to work. He wasn’t receiving assistance of any kind, and was unable to afford the cost to relocate to a safer living space. Roosevelt worked closely with his Community Support Coordinator to get signed up for long-term funding, which allowed him to move out of the unsafe conditions, and into a clean, bright, safe apartment which he describes as “the best place I’ve ever lived.”

His new place is within a Residential Care Apartment Complex which provides 3 meals a day, activities with the other residents including exercise classes and outings to places like the Domes and the Milwaukee Public Museum.  There are nurses on site that provide medication management, a bus that takes him to church, and even a cleaning service.

Thanks to the assistance and advocacy of his Community Support Coordinator, Roosevelt’s quality of life has greatly improved. Roosevelt says, “The reason I like this place is because I have freedom. I have a lot of friends here, too. I choose to stay here as long as I can.”