Ryan: I feel awesome!


For Ryan, all he ever wanted was a job to call his own and a community of caring people around him. After graduation high school, Ryan tried attending a day program to find a job he is passionate about, but he was restless with a need to accomplish more.

Ryan lives with cognitive delay. When he began working with Broadscope Disability Services in 2006, he wasn’t receiving any additional services with his current job, his employer hadn’t received proper training, and he was struggling with some of his duties. A Broadscope Employment Consultant was able to work with Ryan on his job performance skills, including customer service skills and direction on accomplishing his assigned tasks. The Employment Services team also worked with Ryan’s employer on sensitivity training in order to build a stronger, more understanding, employer/employee relationship.

With the help of Broadscope and the dedicated staff, Ryan was able to take these new skills with him to a new position with a local retailer as a merchandising associate. Originally the job was only seasonal, but through Ryan’s hard work, he was able to earn a permanent part-time position with the company. “This work I do makes me feel awesome!” Ryan said. “It is an important part of my life.”

As Ryan became more comfortable at his job, it also became easier for him to go out in to the community on his own and build connections. On his days off, he loves walking around the neighborhood, shopping, and visiting with friends and neighbors. Having a passion for the work you do is truly a gift. It’s even more special when you deeply care about your community and your neighbors.

His mom, Kay, is so happy with the positive changes she has seen in Ryan in the decade he has been working with Broadscope Disability Services. “By offering extraordinary flexibility, patience and the motivation needed in an economy where jobs are elusive and subject to change, Broadscope has helped my son, Ryan, fulfill his dream of finding a job in the community and succeeding at it.”