Young Benefactors Association

The Young Benefactors Association (YBA) is a volunteer group of successful, socially conscious and motivated young professionals who are committed to supporting children, adults and families affected by any disability to reach their goals of independence and productivity.

Young Benefactors Association

Hannah Witherell: Godfrey & Kahn

Megan Grant: Komatsu Mining Corp.

Bridget Hirthe: La Causa

Sarah Jacobson: Eppstein Uhen Architects

Nicole Kelly: Waukesha ADRC

Andrew Kuttler: Sand Castle Field Services

Adam Follmer – UW-Milwaukee

Elliot King- Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Matt Wells – Actuant

Carly Uuskallio- Direct Supply

Tyler Verhagen- Engineering Specialists

Shea Hansen

Mallory Madison- Broadscope Disability Services

Danielle Fischer- Broadscope Disability Services

To find out more, or become a member of the YBA, contact:

(414) 329-4503

Upcoming events:

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