BDS Fiscal Agent

Broadscope Disability Services provides fiscal agent services as BDS Fiscal to families receiving CLTS Waiver funding. Participants hire their own employees and choose the services their workers provide. When using the fiscal agent method of employing an individual to work with your child, your child becomes the employer. You, as your child’s parent/guardian, then take on all employer responsibilities. BDS Fiscal can assist you with this process.

We manage payroll and employer tax payments to ease the administrative burden for families.

BDS Fiscal Services:

  • Receive, disburse, and track funds based on child’s approved service plan.
  • Ensure completion of employer enrollment and employees’ forms.
  • Conduct background checks and verify employee information.
  • Prepare and distribute payroll.
  • Withhold, file, and deposit federal and state income taxes.
  • Process and pay employee time sheets.
  • Generate reports for state program agencies, support brokers, and participants.
  • Arrange and process workers’ compensation and health insurance.

BDS Fiscal Handbooks

Employer Individual Forms

Employee Individual Forms

**Denotes forms that require signatures from both employee & employer (parent/guardian)