Employment Services assists adults with diverse abilities to secure and retain competitive employment. Broadscope partners with businesses in the community to expand job opportunities, empower productivity, and advance independence.

Services are targeted at developing individualized jobs and related activities in partnership with businesses in the community. In some situations, accommodations and/or assistive technology will be utilized to enhance success on the job. Qualified professionals support both the employee and the employer, by constantly adapting services to meet the needs of the person being served:


Job Development – Works directly with the individual and area employers towards the goal of job placement by identifying and matching employer needs with employee interests, skills, and abilities.

Prevocational Services / Career Exploration – Works with the individual to arrange workplace site tours, volunteer opportunities, computer training, job shadowing and related activities. Available assistance / support in connecting with and maintaining resources within the community.

Job Placement – Assists with all aspects of the new hire process between the individual and the employer to ensure a smooth transition for both parties.Works with the individual to identify public transportation availability and provides any necessary training for using the identified service.

On-Site Job Facilitation/Coaching  Assists employee and employer with the orientation and training process, identifies job accommodations including adaptive technology needs, and assists with development of supports at the work site. Also provides continued supports and advocacy.

Outreach – Works within the community as a resource on the issues that affect the lives of persons with disabilities and advocates for the many ways employers can benefit by including people with diverse abilities in their workplace.

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We are here to help people with diverse abilities take the next step in their career journeys, no matter what their skill level.


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