Legacy Donation

Planned Giving

Consider a planned gift-in-will designated to Broadscope! Planned giving takes into careful consideration both your family’s financial needs and your personal charitable goals, allowing you to leave a portion of your assets to Broadscope Disability Services in your will, beneficiary designation, trust, insurance contract or planned gift arrangement. Assets may include:

  • Stocks
  • Beneficiary Insurance designation
  • Estate
  • Retirement Funds

We are dedicated to representing the wishes of our supporters to the best of our ability. Our Executive Director, Mary Schinkowitch (mschink@broadscope.org) is happy to work with you and your attorney or financial planner to ensure your wishes are properly noted.


The most common planned gift is a bequest in your will, which can be added, removed or changed AT ANY TIME.

To include a bequest to Broadscope in your will, please contact your attorney, or contact us for a referral to legal services. He or she can help you shape a will that both provides for your loved ones and remembers the charitable causes most meaningful to you with additions such as:

“I give, devise or bequeath to Broadscope Disability Services, Inc. for its general purposes _____ (all or state a fraction) of the rest, residue or remainder of my estate, whether real or personal.”


“I give to Broadscope Disability Services, Inc. the sum of _____ dollars to be used for the general purposes of the agency.”

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For more information about planned giving, including bequests and endowed funds, call Mary Schinkowitch at 414-329-4505, or contact us.