Do you remember how you determined your career path?

Some people grow up knowing what they want to do. Some people discover their passion through taking classes. Some people need to work in different fields until they realize what they love doing.

Darnell is no different. As a long-standing Employment Services client at Broadscope, he navigated through numerous temporary and seasonal jobs over the years. Although he enjoyed temporary positions like working at Summerfest and Wisconsin State Fair during the summers, the reality of supporting a family of four made the impermanence of such roles challenging.

Through those temporary jobs Darnell gained important skills that can be utilized in many different settings. He also learned about himself and what type of permanent job he would like. Darnell enjoys working in security, but he doesn’t like working third-shift. He enjoys working places that have a strong comradery among employees. These temporary jobs eventually led him to his current job at Pick ‘n Save.

In October, Darnell celebrated his one-year anniversary at Pick ‘n Save – an amazing accomplishment, as this is the longest job that Darnell has had since becoming a client with Broadscope.  Darnell discovered his passion while at Pick ‘n Save. He loves working in the kitchen.

Having a supportive community helped Darnell achieve his one-year milestone. The Store Director, Brad, called Darnell “reliable and a hard worker.” Brad said, “we had to be patient in finding areas where Darnell works best and stays focused, which really paid off.” One of Darnell’s favorite parts about working at Pick ‘n Save is having great coworkers. Once he started in the kitchen, his coworkers were patient in training him new skills. Darnell and his coworkers also have a great relationship where they enjoy joking around and chatting throughout the day.

At Broadscope, success isn’t solely defined by the duration of a client’s job tenure or immediate attainment of a permanent position. It’s important to everyone at Broadscope to stand by our clients, even during tough times, and never give up on them. Darnell has been successful every time he tried out a new job, took on new responsibilities, and learned new skills. Throughout Darnell’s journey to find a permanent job, he showed dedication, positivity, and a willingness to try new jobs- all of which have contributed to Darnell’s success.

After a three-year hiatus, we were able to host the 41st Taste of Milwaukee in-person! Over 100 guests and business owners joined us to sample food from amazing restaurants in the Milwaukee area. Guests enjoyed taking fun photos at our photo booth, trying their luck in our 50/50 raffle, bidding on silent auction items, and participating in an exciting wine pull where they were guaranteed to win a bottle of Cooper’s Hawk wine. It was an evening filled with a delicious variety of food and wonderful company all in the name of raising funds for the people served by Broadscope’s Independent Living, Employment, and Respite programs.

Back this year was the opportunity to vote for the Best Dish. Guests were encouraged to vote for what they considered the Best Dish among all the tastings at the 41st Taste of Milwaukee. We are excited to announce that Confectionately Yours by GGG, who served a delicious peach cobbler, received the title of Best Dish at this year’s event. Congratulations!

A sincere thank you to everyone who attended, to the restaurants, to the volunteers, to our sponsors, and to the companies that generously donated items for our silent auction. Each and every person who attended, volunteered, and worked behind the scenes played a huge role in making it a successful and fun night. Your support raised over $20,000 that will help advance opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.

We would like to thank the following restaurants for preparing their popular dishes for our guests to sample: Bacchus – A Bartolotta Restaurant, Bartolotta Catering & Events, Confectionately Yours by GGG, Davians, Famous Dave’s, FreshFin, Pizza Man, Portillo’s, Saz’s, Tots on the Street, and Wahlburgers.

A special thank you to our sponsors O’Leary & Anick, SC Johnson, A Family Company, Creative Graphic Imaging, United Financial Advisors, Associated Bank, Reilly, Penner & Benton LLP, Regal Rexnord, Festival Foods, R&R Insurance Services, Next Realty, and Italian Community Center, Inc. Together we are working to foster inclusion for people with disabilities.

We would like to thank the Pilot Club of Milwaukee for their support and generosity. Because of their support, we are able to host small group outings for participants of our Independent Living Program. These outings provide social opportunities and activities for our clients who typically do not have those opportunities very often. Thank you so much for supporting our mission!

Broadscope Disability Services is grateful for the support and generosity from the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation. Their support allows us to have a mixture of educational and social opportunities for the people we serve. This ensures that our clients can connect with others and practice their interpersonal skills while enjoying new experiences. Thank you!

Finding a job isn’t always easy. At Broadscope Disability Services, we encounter many people with a strong desire to work but who face barriers because their abilities do not align with the qualifications that companies are looking for in their employees. Support from individuals like you, allows us to build relationships and assist our consumers in finding the job that is the right fit for them and their employer.

Austin’s Journey to Find Employment

When Diane contacted our Employment Services program, she was looking for assistance for her 19-year-old son Austin, who has Autism. Austin needed help figuring out what he wanted to do. He needed help learning how to interact with new people. Austin needed help because he faced societal barriers that made it difficult for him to just walk in, apply for a job, and interview without assistance.

Our Employment Services Department met with Austin and began working on an individualized plan. After learning about his interests and abilities, staff arranged job shadowing experiences. Austin was able to experience multiple roles and discovered that he really enjoyed tasks that were hands-on. Using that information, staff organized a Temporary Work Experience at the Bay View Printing Company, which allowed Austin to try out the position for five weeks before he or the employer committed to a permanent hire. With support from his Broadscope job coach, he prepared mailings and prepped items for packing. Diane, Austin’s mother, stated, “Broadscope staff was with Austin from day one to help him adjust.” Austin was able to learn at his own pace, and it was clear that his confidence was growing with each shift.  

When this work experience was complete, Austin was hired as a permanent team member at Bay View Printing Company. Not only was he hired on as a permanent employee, but he is also earning a living wage. “When we decided to hire Austin,” said Scott Town, Account Manager, “we wanted to be clear he is a member of our team same as everyone else.” 

We applaud Bay View Printing Company for its commitment to inclusion and equity.

YOU can help build inclusive workplaces – one job at a time

We hope you will consider making a donation to help individuals like Austin join the workforce and receive training, coaching, and advocacy. Your gift today will allow people access not just to employment services, but also Independent Living services and Respite Care coordination.

Imagine what we can accomplish together. Your contribution helps individuals like Austin have the support and tools they need to reach their potential. 


Thank you to the Vilter Foundation for their continued support. Your generosity ensures that we remain a vital community resource focusing on maintaining dignity for, diminishing isolation, and enhancing the overall quality of life for more than 900 individuals with disabilities and their families.

Thank you to the We Energies Foundation for supporting our Independent Living Program. Through their generosity, we can continue to play a vital role in providing the necessary resources and advocacy that allow our clients to achieve their personal goals while ensuring safety, self-esteem, and dignity.

Broadscope Disability Services strives to host activities that are engaging, impactful, and geared toward independence. Recently, we had the honor of partnering with Arts@Large on a drum circle workshop series. The energy during these sessions is electric. As the group practices drum beats, participants learn to step outside their comfort zone, support each other, and give space for each person to shine. Each person has their own beat, but when combined, beautiful music is made. We are excited to continue offering these unique and engaging opportunities to Broadscope consumers.

These workshops were made possible through the generosity of the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation.

Thank you to The Catholic Community Foundation for supporting Broadscope’s Respite Care Coordination program! Through their generosity, we can continue to provide emergency respite to caregivers of children and adults with disabilities in Milwaukee.

Broadscope client Doreen has found the true meaning of success: trying new things, meeting new friends, and prioritizing her happiness and wellness. Doreen and Christy, her Broadscope Community Support Worker, started working together last Spring. They hit the ground running with goals and expectations for the upcoming year. Doreen made it clear she wanted to come out of her shell and explore the world to expand her horizons.

Christy connected Doreen with a travel agency called Going Beyond Travel! This organization coordinates day and weekend trips for adults with disabilities within and outside of the state of Wisconsin. Doreen was timid at first, but Christy provided her with support and reassurance, which ultimately led Doreen to schedule her first trip! Doreen successfully made her way up to Lambeau Field, giving her the opportunity to explore shops, tour the field, see the Packers practice, and engage with new friends! This was not the only first for Doreen this year; she also made her way out on the water by boat for the first time and took part in Broadscope’s Holiday party. Having Christy’s support has helped Doreen develop the confidence to step outside her comfort zone and try new things. Amongst her new engaging activities, Doreen has also been taking the time to set up safe spaces for herself. Previously living in inadequate housing that was expensive and not fulfilling her needs, Doreen and Christy were able to successfully secure Doreen a brand-new apartment!

What is next for Doreen? Settling into her new home environment and participating in community events are high on Doreen’s priority list. Most importantly, Doreen is looking forward to setting new goals and celebrating her accomplishments.

Taste of Milwaukee with a Side of Trivia just got a great boost: a $2,500 grant from SC Johnson, A Family Company – the company that makes Windex, Ziploc, and Glade. Thank you for helping Broadscope advance opportunities for individuals with disabilities and their families!

Through the generosity of the Stackner Family Foundation, parents and other caregivers of individuals with disabilities will have the opportunity to recharge through Broadscope’s Respite Care program. Thank you, Stackner Family Foundation!