Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization

This form authorizes BDS Fiscal to act as your reporting agent with the federal government. Completion of this form allows BDS Fiscal’s accounting firm, O’Leary & Anick, to file your employer tax returns and to make deposits & payments for those taxes.

Fill out the form as follows:
1a Your child’s name
3 Your address
6 Your name
7 Your phone #
Then sign and date at the bottom. (#2 will get filled in by us when your child receives an EIN from the IRS.)

More information can be found at

The parent/guardian signs this form to give consent for BDS Fiscal and the employee to communicate about the child. This is needed to resolve payroll issues, help the employee access their paystubs, etc.

In order to receive payment through BDS Fiscal, you must enroll in direct deposit. BDS Fiscal does not
distribute payroll via paper checks or any method other than direct deposit.